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Explore the Ocean with Argo

  Introduction to Argo   How Argo floats work          

Testing floats in pool at Ifremer Preparinga float at Ifremer Stephane listening to the float to check that it works. Launching a float from a ship Launching a float from a ship Float launched, ship leaving

Month after month the Argo array of over 3000 floats collect information about the oceans. Almost immediately the float data are available online to scientists and others to help them understand the oceans and their role in our planetary system.

  Map of current Argo floats

You, too, can take advantage of Argo to explore ocean. This website is here to help you do just that.

To take full advantage of the Argo measurements it is helpful to

  Deck of the sailing ship seen from the mast, surrounded by the Greenland SeaSimon Boxall clutches a huge yellow APEX float as he climbs down the side of the ship to release the float 'Arty Bob' into the icy Arctic water.
NOCS Scientitists on deck with their Argo floatGerald McCarthy with an Argo Float with graffiti saying 'Sally's float'
John Swallow on deck, preparing an early floatSOFAR floatTom Rossby with a float that is one and a half times as tall as him.  

We have a selection of floats to make your exploration easier, but you can use data from any other float in the same way.

Our brief history of Argo tells you how Argo developed from other floats, how the Argo array was designed to work with the Jason satellite, and how different nations work together to maintain the array. The European Argo programmes are part of this effort.

Finally, exploration is all about having fun with new knowledge, so we also have a selection of quizzes and other activities for you to test your knowledge and interpretation skills.

Penny holds an Argo float that is as tall as she is.Diagram of the Argo float cycleArtists view of Jason 2 satellite above the Earth
Electronic circuits inside a float Argo float released from a yellow container Scientists inspecting a Provor float before launch Nemo float in water with drifting ice Movies of Argo float trajectories Plot of float positions on a map of sea surface height variability
Link to the main Euro-Argo project website.