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The Euro-Argo Float Selection

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This page allows you to display data from European and other Argo floats. To help you understand the data we provide background 'stories' for the floats in our 'Exploring the Oceans' float selection. Click on any of the floats on the map above to view its data and find explanations of what is going on.

Displaying other float data

If you are interested in a float that is not in our selection, you can display its data by entering the WMO float number in the box below. We also have a web page with general hints on interpreting the plots. To help you put the float data in a wider context our Argo tour of the ocean has useful background information for different regions.

Alternatively you can create lists of floats deployed by a European country by clicking on one of the flags. The list will appear at the bottom of this page.


Click on a flag to list the country's active float
or enter the number of the float to display:

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Norwegian flag Irish flag Portuguese flag Polish flag Greek flag Bulgarian flag





Launch Date

Launch Site

Last Report

Last Position

11900275   Argo SPAIN  21/09/2003  22°N,  25.5°W15/10/2006 38.7°N,  32.9°W
21900276   Argo SPAIN  22/09/2003  20°N,  23.5°W12/06/2005 23.2°N,  59.1°W
31900277   Argo SPAIN  24/09/2003  22°N,  20°W25/06/2007 19.2°N,  55°W
41900278   Argo SPAIN  19/09/2003  22.8°N,  26°W16/03/2010 21°N,  68.8°W
51900279   Argo SPAIN  27/09/2003  24°N,  20.6°W25/12/2005 19.8°N,  51.6°W
64900556   Argo SPAIN  05/03/2005  41.6°N,  4.7°E04/02/2007 37.6°N,  0.5°E
74900557   Argo SPAIN  10/09/2004  44°N,  10.5°W23/03/2007 44.5°N,  4.1°W
84900558   Argo SPAIN  10/09/2004  44°N,  10.8°W31/12/2006 45.6°N,  12°W
96900230   Argo SPAIN  13/09/2003  44.8°N,  9°W12/09/2005 42.3°N,  10.1°W
106900231   Argo SPAIN  18/12/2003  34.7°N,  13.2°W07/11/2005 34.9°N,  14.5°W
116900506   Argo SPAIN  13/09/2006  29.2°N,  15.5°W17/12/2011 27°N,  17.9°W
126900633   Argo SPAIN  14/02/2012  34°N,  33°E 0°N,  0°E
136900634   Argo SPAIN  14/02/2012  34.4°N,  33°E 0°N,  0°E
146900635   Argo SPAIN  09/11/2011  37.1°N,  1.5°E13/03/2012 37.3°N,  9.4°E
156900636   Argo SPAIN  28/07/2012  41.6°N,  4.1°E13/02/2015 39.1°N,  2.5°E
166900659   Argo SPAIN  12/01/2011  39.2°N,  2°E10/02/2015 44.1°N,  8.4°E
176900660   Argo SPAIN  08/09/2011  39.4°N,  3.5°E15/05/2013 36°N,  0°W
186900661   Argo SPAIN  22/06/2011  38.3°N,  1.5°E13/05/2012 36.2°N,  0.3°E
196900662   Argo SPAIN  10/06/2012  39°N,  3.2°E10/02/2015 42.9°N,  6.3°E
206900760   Argo SPAIN  05/09/2010  45°N,  6.6°W03/05/2013 48.4°N,  16.3°W
216900761   Argo SPAIN  06/09/2010  45°N,  9.3°W06/11/2014 63.3°N,  15.2°W
226900762   Argo SPAIN  11/09/2010  42.9°N,  13.6°W12/06/2014 40.9°N,  19.7°W
236900763   Argo SPAIN  10/09/2010  43°N,  11°W09/02/2015 47.5°N,  9.9°W
246900764   Argo SPAIN  01/02/2011  24.8°N,  19.6°W19/09/2013 21.4°N,  21.3°W
256900765   Argo SPAIN  03/02/2011  24.8°N,  22.5°W13/02/2015 20.7°N,  31.5°W
266900766   Argo SPAIN  16/12/2010  35.2°N,  9.6°W26/12/2012 32.3°N,  9.2°W
276900767   Argo SPAIN  24/12/2010  20.3°N,  24.4°W04/12/2014 14.6°N,  33.9°W
286900768   Argo SPAIN  26/12/2010  12.5°N,  26.1°W08/11/2014 9.5°N,  30.6°W
296900769   Argo SPAIN  04/02/2011  24.5°N,  24.7°W29/06/2014 24.2°N,  25.8°W
306900770   Argo SPAIN  07/02/2011  24.5°N,  29.6°W10/11/2014 25.4°N,  32.7°W
316900771   Argo SPAIN  10/12/2010  24.5°N,  37.6°W10/02/2015 25°N,  27.9°W
326900772   Argo SPAIN  27/10/2010  29.2°N,  15.5°W12/09/2013 32.3°N,  13.4°W
336900773   Argo SPAIN  15/02/2011  24.5°N,  40.4°W05/02/2015 25.6°N,  39.7°W
346900774   Argo SPAIN  01/12/2010  24.5°N,  49.1°W06/04/2014 22.5°N,  48.6°W
356900775   Argo SPAIN  23/02/2011  24.5°N,  55.3°W04/02/2015 19.7°N,  59.3°W
366900776   Argo SPAIN  26/02/2011  24.5°N,  58.6°W19/10/2014 28.5°N,  49.5°W
376900777   Argo SPAIN  27/02/2011  24.5°N,  61.8°W12/07/2014 25.4°N,  59.1°W
386900778   Argo SPAIN  28/02/2011  24.5°N,  63.8°W11/11/2014 27.9°N,  62.3°W
396900779   Argo SPAIN  02/03/2011  24.5°N,  66.9°W16/05/2014 28.8°N,  59°W
406900780   Argo SPAIN  25/01/2011  25.6°S,  18.1°W29/06/2014 30.6°S,  35.9°W
416900781   Argo SPAIN  26/01/2011  28.1°S,  14.8°W05/02/2015 29.5°S,  33.6°W
426900782   Argo SPAIN  27/01/2011  29.7°S,  8°W06/02/2015 35°S,  39.8°W
436900783   Argo SPAIN  29/01/2011  29.7°S,  8°W08/02/2015 30.3°S,  47.5°W
446900784   Argo SPAIN  05/09/2010  46°N,  8°W17/08/2012 44.3°N,  10.6°W
456900785   Argo SPAIN  06/09/2010  46°N,  9°W08/06/2012 47.2°N,  19.9°W
466900786   Argo SPAIN  02/08/2012  39.8°N,  2.1°E10/02/2015 41.2°N,  2.5°E
476900787   Argo SPAIN  15/07/2012  38.6°N,  4°E10/02/2015 37.4°N,  3.2°E
486900788   Argo SPAIN  15/04/2013  38.8°N,  0.8°E06/02/2015 36.3°N,  0.4°E
496900789   Argo SPAIN  13/12/2012  29.1°N,  15.5°W12/02/2015 25.9°N,  26.7°W
506901237   Argo SPAIN  21/12/2012  29.2°N,  12.4°W10/02/2015 37.3°N,  13°W
516901238   Argo SPAIN  17/09/2013  43°N,  15°W10/02/2015 44.9°N,  17.1°W
526901240   Argo SPAIN  20/04/2014  27.5°N,  14.3°W05/02/2015 28°N,  18.2°W
536901241   Argo SPAIN  10/12/2012  27.7°N,  17.9°W09/02/2015 25.7°N,  23.4°W
546901245   Argo SPAIN  21/11/2014  40.8°N,  2.2°E11/02/2015 39.9°N,  1.2°E

Click on a float number to see plots of the float data


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