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Float no.3900992




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This PROVOR float was launched by French scientists at 56.1°S, 63.8°W on 10 April 2008. It has recorded a total of 3 profiles, and made its last report on 23 April 2008 from 55.7°S,  61.4°W.

Interpreting the data from this and other Argo floats means thinking about the float trajectory, the climate of the region the float has passed through, and the currents that have moved the float from place to place.

Our hints on interpreting the plots give examples of the sort of thing you should look out for in the float data. You may also find useful information by looking at floats from our float selection. Choose a float from a similar location to this one, and see how the two floats compare.

Using the float trajectories with ocean analysis maps

Look at the float trajectory in Google Earth to see where the float has been. (If in doubt about how to reveal the float tracks, see our Google Earth screenshot for help.) Compare this to the maps of temperature and salinity for different depths available for example from Mercator ocean analyses.


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