google earth screenshot

Google Earth screenshot of all the Argo floats (North Atlantic view)

The frame on the left side of the window controls what is visible in the main panel. By checking and unchecking boxes you can reveal or hide information.

  1. The latest location of each float is represented by a green dot (1). Clicking on a dot reveals a balloon with information about the float.
  2. For a list of floats with brief information about each, click the arrows next to the "Latest locations" folder. (2).
    As you see, this is a long list! You may be better off getting float information from the balloons by clicking on the dots. Unhecking/checking the box next to the float number will hide/reveal its float icon (green dot) in the main Google Earth frame.
  3. To reveal all the float tracks, click on the folder called "Trajectories" (3).
    There are a lot of floats, so you are unlikely to distinguish individual tracks, even if you zoom in a long way.
  4. To reveal a single float trajectory, click on the small arrow next to the 'Trajectory' folder; find the float number in the list of trajectories, and check this.
  5. The float numbers can be found in the balloons, or by using the zoom tool (4) to zoom in until the number appears alongside the green dot representing the float.

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