Abstract submission

Abstracts should be submitted on-line using the form below. The details you provide will be used to generate a copy of your abstract for the on-line workshop programme and proceedings. On successful submission the following should happen:

  1. You will be given a 6 digit registration code and password. These may be used at any time before the submission deadline to view and if necessary amend the abstract.
  2. A link will appear, which allows you to view the abstract immediately. We recommend that you use this opportunity to check that it appears the way you intended.
  3. An e-mail will be sent to the addresses you provided, confirming your access code and password. This should happen arrive soon after submission, but there may sometimes be delays. If you have not received this e-mail after 1-2 days, please contact Val Byfield (val.byfield|at|noc.ac.uk).

If you have any questions regarding the abstract submission, or experience problems with submitting or editing your abstract, please contact Val Byfield (val.byfield|at|noc.ac.uk).

Contact details and presentation preferences

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Abstract title

Maximum title length is 250 characters, including spaces. Note that characters such as quotation marks, Greek letters and some mathematical symbols may not appear as expected, so we recommend avoiding the use of these in the abstract title and text.

Abstract text:

Maximum abstract length is 3000 characters, including spaces. For best results we recommend preparing your abstract off-line using a word processor and checking the length before copying and pasting the abstract into the submission form below.

Do NOT use the return key at the end of each line, as this will prevent the text from flowing as expected when it is later displayed on-line or in print.


Please enter the abstract author(s) below, with family name (surname) first, followed by the main given (christian) name and initials of other names. Use the small boxes on the right to to enter a number indicating the author's affiliation(s).

Each author's affiliation should be entered as a number which should correspond to one of the organisations entered under 'Author affilliations'. Use the radio button on the left to indicate the presenting author.

To enter more than one author use the 'More' link at the end of each line.


Author Affiliations

Enter the author affiliation(s). Each organisation should only be entered once. Please make sure the affiliation numbers correspond entered for each author corresponds to the affiliation number on the left.

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